West Lulworth WI

invites you to a

Coffee and Cake

on the House.

from 10- 12md

on Weds 21st March


West Lulworth Village Hall

Come on your own, or with others, for a sociable morning and a free tea/coffee and a slice of homemade cake.

All welcome



Women's Institute Knitting Event : Spoons - A stirring tale!

Women's Institute Knitting Event 1: Spoons - A stirring tale!

Exclusively for members of the Women’s Institute, the museum hosted a series of three workshops in October 2016. The idea of these workshops was to encourage WI members to knit and stitch in response to the collection of spoons found throughout the museum. 

All pieces were then dipped in porcelain by artist Julie Miles, and once fired, will be exhibited in a small exhibition at The Salisbury Museum in spring 2017.

WI members were given all the materials necessary to create their piece.

Five members of West Lulworth WI pictured here with NFWI Chair, Janice Langley took part.