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 This meets monthly on a Saturday morning in the meeting room of the village hall. There is a committed core of members who regularly attend but it is open to non- WI members; anyone is welcome to join us.  On occasions there are specific projects that members are working on, sometimes there are one-off sessions and workshops with a visitor, at other times members bring their own work.  In the past we have enjoyed sessions such as decorating eggs





This meets on the 3rd Monday evening of the month. It is currently composed of 8 members who meet in members’ homes.  We choose our books annually from a comprehensive list supplied by Dorset County Library.  Being a member of the Book Club has meant that we have read books that we might not otherwise have tried.



Another monthly group that has been running for several years.  In that time Jenny Halsall and her husband have organised over 100 walks. All the walks are tried and tested by Jenny and Mike before the event.  On some the participants enjoy a picnic on others they stop en route at a local  pub or end at a café. The last walk of 2017 was in October on Portland. Walks will start again in Spring 2018.





















Our skittles club has been going for a number of years. At times it has been so popular that we have had two teams.  The team forms every autumn and plays in the DFWI skittles league against local WI teams.  We play on various evenings, to suit the various teams, and at different venues – including village halls, pubs and clubs.  The team gets to meet a lot of WI members in other groups.






This is also a monthly group, which we take turns to organise.  Sometimes we have a volunteer with a good idea, on other occasions we draw lots.  The organiser chooses the venue, date and time. This has made for a lot of variety and opportunities for everyone to find something that appeals to them.